Generate wallets, addresses, private keys, look up blockchain data, and create NFTs in no time using Tatum.

Environmentally-friendly blockchains to build the green dApps of tomorrow.

Blockchain = bad for the environment?

Blockchains have come under a lot of fire in recent months for their energy consumption and impact on the environment. And there’s definitely something to it. Older Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum rely on massive amounts of computing power to solve complex cryptographic puzzles to include new blocks…

The fast, scalable, and carbon-negative blockchain is now available in Tatum.

The wait is over — Tatum now supports Algorand.

Algorand is the first blockchain to allow immediate transaction finality. It is eliminating the roadblocks standing in the way of mainstream blockchain adoption: decentralization, scale, and security. Algorand has partnered with ClimateTrade to offset the low level of carbon produced by the Algorand Network and make Algorand the first carbon-neutral…

Easily upload and store NFT metadata for free with Tatum.

Create the backend for a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace like OpenSea with just a few API calls.

Evan Vischi

Community Manager at Tatum. We are the fastest way to build blockchain apps. Support for over 40+ blockchain protocols, no blockchain experience required.

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